• Do you sell custom badges?

    Yes, we sell custom badges. We currently offer 4 unique shapes (round, square, rectangle and oval badges) in various sizes.
  • What badge shapes and sizes are possible?

    We offer custom badges in a range of sizes and shapes. We currently offer 4 unique shapes (round, square, rectangle and oval buttons) in various sizes. If you need help deciding t…
  • What materials are your badges made with?

    Our custom badges are printed on photographic paper. They feature a smooth, weather resistant laminate and a durable, tin plate steel back.
  • What is rim text?

    Rim text is information printed on the inside edge of a badge. The badge material wraps around to the back and leaves room for more text on the pin-side. This is an opportunity to…
  • How do I add rim text to my custom badges?

    Use our badge templates to add rim text to your badge designs. We have templates specifically designed for adding rim text. You can also ask us for help adding your rim text during…
  • Can I write on your badges?

    Yes, you are able to write on our custom badges. We find permanent markers work best. You may need to give the ink a chance to dry before using your badges.
  • Can I adjust the orientation of the pin on your badges?

    Yes! To make our manufacturing process even faster, we've upgraded our custom badges to allow rotating the pin backing to the direction of your choice. Some may need adjustment but…