• What kind of changes can I request to my Redraw?

    Here are some examples of changes you can request to your Redraw: Change a color Change a font Add or remove details If we are unable to make a change request we will let you kno…
  • What format will you deliver my Redraw?

    We’ll deliver your Redraw in EPS, SVG and PNG formats. EPS and SVG are vector formats that can be enlarged to any size and never lose clarity.
  • Can you recreate a photo?

    Yes, you can use Redraw to get an illustrated version of your photo.
  • What types of designs work best for Redraw?

    When ordering a Redraw, we recommend using simple designs for the best result. Artwork that is especially complex (including photos) will be simplified in order to recreate it in…
  • Why was my artwork rejected?

    There are 4 reasons we may reject your artwork when ordering a Redraw: If your artwork is too complex If your artwork lacks enough detail or clarity to reproduce accurately If you…