How will you format my packaging tape?

Artwork for packaging tape can be formatted in the styles below. We require a minimum resolution of 300 ppi at 76 mm × 76 mm for your design. Our packaging tape is 71 mm wide and repeats itself every 30 cm. For a seamless pattern, your design should be formatted to repeat every 30 cm, or any factor of 30 cm (5, 7.5, 10, or 15 cm).

While not necessary, you can use our standard packaging tape template to get started.

If you need some inspiration, we offer free packaging tape templates in Studio, our free online design tool.

Feel free to send in your artwork as is and note which style you would like in your instructions. We accept all standard image formats, and we're happy to format everything on our end before sending an online proof for approval.

examples of different packaging tape layouts