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June 2024 updates. More ways to earn money with Sticker Mule.

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Hopefully you find some time to kick back and relax this summer. And with our June updates you might even be able to earn money while doing so.

New ways to earn passive income

easily make money online


We launched Commissions. Refer people to Sticker Mule and earn 5-10% on every order they place in their first year. Currently available in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico with more regions coming soon.


We launched Stores (beta). Stores makes it easy to sell your designs on custom products — and works alongside Commissions. Visit stickermule.com/me to create your store and add items. Markup coming soon.


We added Stats. We love transparency so we’re making all the internal stats related to Commissions and Stores public! See total earnings, total products sold, and more.

Improved design tools

remove backgrounds with Trace


We made big improvements to Trace. We updated the underlying AI model, resulting in cleaner, more precise background removal. Try Trace for free and see for yourself!


We made improvements to Print. Now all the functionality from Trace and Upscale are built directly into Print – so you can remove the background and increase the resolution before ordering your custom products. And now you can also customize your artwork in Studio from Print with a single click.

So many giveaways

Tesla Cybertruck

Cybertruck giveaway

We are giving away a real Cybertruck on X. Repost to enter.

Stimulus giveaways

We added product giveaways to Stimulus. Connect your Stimulus account to Sticker Mule and give away products from your store. We also added a $50 giveaway option to Stimulus. And you can now see how many giveaways are running on the platform at any given time.

Stimulus Credit

We added Stimulus Credit. Now referrers and referrals both earn credit. The credit can be used for product giveaways – and soon for Stimulus Stores. Speaking of referrals, we also added referral stats, so you can see how many people have signed up via referrals and how much has been given away.

What’s next?

We’re continuing to focus on ways to help you earn money. We also have some exciting updates to our existing products. And of course, more giveaways.

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