How to sell more than 10,000 stickers on the Marketplace

There is no cloud - Sticker Mule Marketplace case study

The Sticker Mule marketplace has been growing rapidly over the past couple of years. We love seeing applications (apply here) and designs being submitted every day — but in the past year a few new designs have taken off and quickly become bestsellers.

But what do the top selling designs have in common? Is there a secret? What can other sellers learn?

There is no cloud - how to sell stickers on a marketplace

There is no cloud

We connected with Chris Watterston the creator of the now famous and #1 bestselling "There is no cloud" sticker to answer those questions.

"I'm probably known as that 'IT Wizz Kid' in our family — we've all got one," says Chris.

"The number of times I've been asked to set up a new device that someone had received for Christmas or birthday is uncountable. I have no problems helping them out, until we hit the 'Cloud' setup part."

That was the inspiration for his first sticker design and submission to the Sticker Mule marketplace.

"I wanted a design that was to the point, but I never expected the reaction the sticker has received. It's been mind boggling."

The reaction has quickly driven the sticker from a new submission to a top 50 design and then up to its current spot as #1.

I wanted a design that was to the point, but I never expected the reaction the sticker has received. It's been mind boggling."

From design to top seller

"Once Sticker Mule accepted and made my design available via the marketplace, I posted a few Tweets and Facebook posts here and there. I didn't do anything major or out of the ordinary."

What was out of the ordinary was the response. The design quickly made the rounds on social media and has been shared more than 10,000 times. To date the sticker has been viewed 114,384 times and has been ordered thousands of times.

"I used to check on it everyday to see how many places I'd moved up. Even my partner used to ask. It's when I got into the top 6 that I thought, I'm going to be #1! It took awhile to move #2 to #1 but it just happened a couple weeks ago."

There is no cloud - Sticker Mule Marketplace case study

Advice on creating a bestselling sticker

We asked Chris to share his advice to other designers about how to create, promote and sell their designs in the marketplace. Here's what he had to say based on his own experience.

1. Create a design that people can relate to immediately

"A design has to click, snap, crackle and pop. People have to relate to the design in a personal way, otherwise there is no interest."

2. Make it timely and relevant

"The sticker's success had a lot to do with 'the right design at the right time,'" says Chris. "Online providers of Cloud services are growing quickly and the word gets thrown around a lot in offices and even at home."

On his blog Chris writes, "It's actually rather scary how many people don't have a bloody clue on what the 'Cloud' actually is."

"I've recently made available another sticker design which I've labelled 'Internet Privacy Trash'. I feel this will have a place in the world soon too."

There is no cloud - stack of stickers

3. Connect it to something bigger

Rapid changes in technology, concerns over data and identity security and the ambiguity of what the Cloud really is made Chris' sticker more than just another design.

"Far too many people don't understand this or are even aware of where their data is. Let's spread a little awareness — I think we need to!"

The previously top-selling sticker "This Business Serves Everyone" rose quickly to #1 too. Top-selling stickers tend to connect with a specific audience that wants to share that message with others.

4. Be patient

Chris' incredible success wasn't overnight. In fact, he first submitted the design to the marketplace in April 2015. It took nearly 11 months to reach the top spot, even while garnering some immediate attention on Twitter from people like Asher Wolf the Cryptoparty founder and Amnesty Australia 'Humanitarian Media Award' recipient 2014.

5. Acknowledge your audience

While Chris has seen a few large orders, the majority of sales have been from individuals ordering single units. Over the past year, he's consistently reached out to many buyers that mention the sticker on social media. Chris has also been very thankful to Sticker Mule for the marketplace.

"Generally speaking, the public did all the work via social media and have taken the sticker to where it is today. A massive 'Thank you' to everyone is needed!"

Chris' design is now a familiar site in many offices around the world. When asked what he's going to do with his sizable earnings he said, "I'm a family man so some will probably treat family and the rest I'd like to invest to help jump start my side project development stages. But until then it's going to stay in storage."

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