Can I get a discount for ordering multiple designs?

Yes, we automatically discount your order as you add more items to your cart. Each unique design must be ordered as a separate line item.

To calculate your discount, we determine the total amount of material and labour required to process your order. You can see how this works by adding multiple items to your cart. In general, as your order becomes larger your discount will be more significant.

A few ways you can take advantage of this feature:

  1. Order multiple variations of the same product (for example, you may want to order 5 different design variations of a 76 mm circle)
  2. Order a set of completely unique stickers (for example, you could order round stickers, sticker sheets and die cut stickers at the same time, and we'd price it as if it was one large order).
  3. Add-on a few extra designs to a large order. Since we calculate the price of your order based on it's total size, if you need to order a large quantity of one design you can add a few extra designs for a low price.