Can I get a quote?

Our website displays the total cost for all items up to 10,000 units. There are no additional charges beyond what we display during the ordering process, aside from tax.

We also created a quick order tool that makes it easy to see what the total cost of your order will be. The tool is especially useful when you are placing an order with more than 10,000 units or you have a significant number of unique designs. You will see a summary and total that includes multiple design discounts and bulk discounts.

It may also be helpful to know that you don't have to know your exact size. We'll determine your precise size based on your artwork and update your price during proofing. For example, if you order 76 mm x 76 mm stickers the exact size of your design may be more like 76 mm x 71 mm. When this happens you’ll see the exact sizing and updated pricing when you receive your free online proof.