What kind of changes can I request to my proof?

Sticker Mule allows you to request unlimited changes to your artwork and digital proof for free before you approve your proof. Although we cannot design your artwork from scratch, we can make changes to existing artwork so that you get the exact sticker, magnet or button you want.

After you receive an email or text with a link to view your proof, you can leave a comment requesting changes.

Although we receive hundreds of unique change requests, the most common requests are to:

  • Add or remove a minimum border
  • Make a border wider or narrower
  • Add text (let us know your preferred font, size, and colour)
  • Change the sticker type (i.e. from die cut stickers to clear stickers)
  • Change the background colour
  • Change to the size
  • Add an internal cut (6.35 mm or greater)
  • Wrong artwork attached/Upload new artwork

After you submit your change requests, our team will send you an updated proof to approve or to request additional changes.

There are some changes that we cannot always make. For example, if you want to increase the height of your sticker without changing the width, your artwork would become skewed. If your artwork is low resolution, we will work with you to recreate it so that it can be made into the size you want when possible.