Packaging Tape Dispenser Review: BP 333

When using custom packaging tape at a high volume, you may want to invest in a packaging tape dispenser.

The BP 333 is another manual tape dispenser. While it’s not as compact as the Packer 3S, it can still be easily moved. The machine itself was a little tricky to setup, but easy to use once we got it going.

It features a large capacity water tank which means you’ll be able to dispense plenty of tape before refilling. The water brushes and the pressure plate work together to ensure each strip of tape is fully coated with water - giving your tape maximum sticking power.

The tape is easily loaded through the back of the dispenser. The mechanism on the left of the machine, allows you to set a determined length for the tape. To dispense the tape, simply pull down on the lever... and then release to cut it.

There is an optional heater attachment you can buy to ensure optimal tape performance - even in cold environments.

At approx. C$538, the BP 333 is on the higher end of manual tape dispensers. While it isn’t cheap, it is a huge upgrade from both the Packer 3S and the sponge method. And for less than half the cost of an electronic dispenser, the BP 333 gives you great efficiency for a great value.

We recommend the BP 333 for anyone doing up to 100 packages per day.

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