Packaging Tape Dispenser Review: Packer 3S

When using custom packaging tape at a high volume, you may want to invest in a packaging tape dispenser.

The Packers 3S is a manual tape dispenser. It’s very compact, which makes it easy to move from one location to another. The water reservoir in the front is easy to fill and is the only setup required to start using the dispenser.

With the tape loaded and fed through the dispenser, pull the tape over the water brush to activate the adhesive and then lift up to cut it with the blade.

We noticed that feeding the tape through the dispenser can be difficult, and grabbing the tape so close to the water brush will usually leave you with adhesive on your fingers. And if you don’t manually run the tape over the brush, you’ll likely end up with some weak spots when you apply it. The process of cutting the tape isn’t very smooth either and doesn’t always give the cleanest cut.

At approximately C$219, the Packer 3S is a budget friendly option. It’s a small upgrade from the sponge method, but only if you’re doing more than a few packages at a time and isn’t recommended for more than ten.

So unless you’re consistently doing between 5-10 boxes per day, you’re probably better off using a sponge, or investing in a more efficient dispenser.

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