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Introducing Trace 2.0

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It's been almost exactly three years since we launched Trace, our free photo background remover. Three years providing people with an easy way to remove the background from any photo or image. Not bad, eh?

Since the initial launch of Trace, we’ve been continuously working to improve and enhance its background removing capabilities. We’ve improved it and added a bunch of new features that make it even more user-friendly to anyone looking to remove the background from their images and photos.

With all the time and resources we’ve dedicated over three years to the development of Trace, our goal is to make it the top background remover on the market — a powerful tool for designers, yet simple and fun for anyone.

Here are all the features included in the latest version of what, in our humble and obviously unbiased opinion, is the best background remover app on the internet!

Automatic background removal

Automatic background removal is a useful tool for people who want to quickly and easily remove the background from an image. With this technology, you simply upload your image and the background is automatically removed for you. No design experience is required, making it easy for anyone to use.

Move, scale, rotate, & crop

The best free background removing app! No need to clean up your image in Photoshop — do it all online… for free! Transform your image (with the background removed) to any position on the canvas. Crop the canvas however you want. The world is your oyster!

Background editor

With the background removed, you have the option to keep it transparent or add a new background. You can choose a solid color, search from a library of over 2 million free images from Unsplash, or upload your own. This gives you a lot of flexibility in how you want to use the edited image.

Add multiple images

If you have multiple images that you want to remove the background from, you can use this tool to do it all at once. Simply upload all of the images and the backgrounds will be removed automatically. You can then combine the images onto a single canvas for easy editing.

Download image for free

Once you've got your image just how you want it, you can download it for free in high definition — a handy feature that not all free background remover tools offer. Plus, you can easily order custom printing with just one click, making it easy to get your edited image printed and delivered to you.

As I'm sure you’re aware by now, the ability to remove the background from an image can be incredibly useful for a variety of purposes, from creating professional-looking graphics to simply editing personal photos. And that’s exactly what we deliver.

With our automatic background removal tool, Trace, users can easily remove the background from any image without needing any design experience. In addition to removing the background, Trace also offers features such as the ability to move, scale, rotate, and crop your image, as well as add a new background or keep it transparent.

Finally, users can even remove the background from multiple images at once and combine them onto a single canvas. And when you're finished editing, download your image in high definition for free, or even order your own custom printing with just one click.

Conclusion? Trace is a powerful and user-friendly tool that makes it easy for anyone to remove the background from their images. Enjoy it, folks!

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