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    फिर से ऑर्डर करना चाहेंगे

  • jesus cervantes

    Most of them shrunk and now I'm dealing with glue residue around the sticker. Stickermule made it right though! no complaints there.

  • Courtney Lee

    We ordered logo stickers for our workforce program, and these are exactly what we needed. Everyone loves them, great color and print quality, and they adhere well to the hardhats. We will continue to order from Sticker Mule.

  • Orsby walker


  • Ali

    Transparent stickers are the coolest!

  • Clément Ginestet

    The stickers were perfectly cut with a nice transparent effect we loved it. It was perfect for our NFC cards! As usual, nothing beats Sticker Mule's quality and fast production.

  • Kelly Gosselin

    Ils ne brisent pas, ils restent beau

  • Kelly Gosselin

    Ils ne brisent pas, ils restent beau

  • Kristen Groenke

    These look so nice!

  • marcie

    Sticker Mule was great to work with, provided proofs and revisions as I needed and made the product perfect!

  • Luke Walker

    Fast turn around . Great print. Great company . Thank you !