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  • Beautiful!

    Barb Thompson

    These turned out absolutely amazing!!!

  • 10/10 recommend

    Carlamary S.

    This was my first time ordering clear stickers from StickerMule for my business and I quite enjoyed it! The stickers are lovely and I look forward to ordering more in the future.

  • My first order…


    I was genuinely impressed by the quick turnaround time and high quality of my first sticker order. The only small thing I would add to make them even better, would be a split in the backing to make them easier to peel & stick. But, for the price and shipping speed, it’s certainly NO issue. 💜

  • Great work as always

    Michael D Tate

    My hmmm 7th order from Sticker Mule .. Never disapointed

  • unhappy with the color


    very unhappy with the way the stickers came out! they are way too dark, the skin color looks totally different than the graphic sent! very disappointed

  • Excellent

    Scott Whidden

    Another excellent job!! Love these guys

  • Perfect!


    Sticker mule always delivers amazing products and customer service! These stickers are clear and actually look like the stone i painted! So happy!!

  • So upset!!

    Jeanne Dunn

    These clear stickers haven't looked good on anything I've stuck them to, even when applied to a clean surface carefully. :( it's almost like they're too thick? I'm not sure. The regular stickers are the bomb, but these clear ones aren't.

  • Great deals, high quality, fast delivery.


    The title says it all. I always take advantage of their good deals and they make uploading and approving the images so easy. 10 outta 10.

  • Perfect

    Amy B. Smoyer

    All products from Sticker Mule are great and these clear stickers are no exception. Great design and high quality product