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  • D

    Image quality is great, but was a little underwhelming. First, I thought that these were the flexible rubber style, and that the image would be printed on both sides. These are actually brittle plexi with the image only facing one way (so it's "blank" on the back). Lastly, the little rubber connector which attaches the keychain to the metal key ring is fairly secure, but could easily pull apart if...

  • Third Shot Drop Custom Pickleball Paddles

    Great graphic reproduction to a nice marketing piece

  • Sock the World

    Always great attention to the art and placement, always super quick with proofs and production, and their deals are basically the only reason my little startup can afford any promo materials! My only complaint on the keychain is I would love to see it be double sided. Otherwise killer deal for the money!

  • Busted Knuckle Woodworks

    The proof I was sent shows the logo printed on a white base with a border. The items that were delivered were not like that. They were back printed under a clear base with no border. Had to ding one star for that. Even though they don't match the proof, I think I actually like these clear ones better LOL. Just be aware of this. Quality is actually top notch as always. Would definitely order again...

  • LT
    Lori Trites

    Received my keychains yesterday with my "personal logo" as it's come to be known as. 😁 They are PERFECT! Just like every item I've ordered. Thanks once again! ❤️🙂🐞

  • AC
    Amber M Christian

    Haven’t had a bad experience yet!

  • FF
    Franca Fedele

    We've ordered several custom products from Sticker Mule and been happy with each one. The ability to design our own unique pictures and labels is awesome. We're pleased with the timelines between, design, proofs, and delivery of final products. We are more than happy with being able to have unique products to suit our specific needs.

  • Nicole Cadwallader

    I love them but I notice you have to be really carefully because some of the soft plastic plugs come off (the connection from the charm to the metal keychain loop). Other than that, love the quality

  • JR
    Julien Rondeau

    Very interesting? Nice quality

  • CW
    Charlie Westmoreland

    Excellent quality and fast turnaround. Will continue to use Sticker Mule for future orders.