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    MUY BUENA CALIDAD! Merecen la pena

  • Holographic for the WIN

    The Happy Guru

    These stickers came out great. Just ordered 1000 more! Thank you!

  • Great,quality stickers

    Warren Bowannie

    These stickers are very durable and are made of quality.

  • Great Stickers!

    Jessica Cervantes

    These are great quality and the holographic backing is very nice.

  • Great logo product.

    Nova Sound

    Great logo product.

  • nice


    I love the quality, they are some of the best stickers i have. Dishwasher save and very durable! wasn't expecting the holo being so nice. It does make little rainbows when the sun hits it-

  • Great, speedy sample

    Peter Sampler

    The ordering and proofing was very fast and the result exceeded my expectations. With the physical product in hand in less than 10 days, I was able to make a few tweaks to the design and place a larger order. I am very happy with the whole process, start to finish, and look forward to future productions!

  • Fanmade Brooch


    Newest Style ^_^ Thanks

  • Cute


    Not My Favorite Sticker But Its Cute Thanks

  • Sample Brooch


    Fanmade Dark Brooch