mule sauce के लिए समीक्षाएं

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  • V

    I don't want to pay for a sauce that I don't need. Why produce and transport something that ends up in the garbage can? It's not environmentally responsible.

  • Trevor Frazier


  • AK
    Andrew Kirkman

    A lot of hot sauces seem too vinegary. Mule sauce is now my favorite. Perfect sweet & spicy for me. I ordered a 6 pack. I’ll give a few to friends. Thanks Stickermule!

  • Sydney H

    It has a great flavor and the heat is just right for me personally. Hot sauce is very much a matter of personal preference, but I definitely like the flavor balance on this one. Plus super hilarious branding.

  • HP
    Heather Protzman

    Was included with our company's order of stickers. The entire office has loved it--even the people who aren't usually hot sauce fans!

  • Oceanset

    Boyfriend loves it. "Has a tang and almost sweet tone to it. Is not HOT HOT compared to others, would say a little hotter then mild."

  • O

    Delicious on everything!

  • Bigi Giese

    My husband loves this stuff!

  • CC
    Chris Chartier

    Best sauce out there! The perfect combination of sweet and spice. I think I order more than I need just to get the Mule Sauce!!

  • mj
    merardo yanes jr.

    The exact amount of sweet and spice. Great taste! i wish they were in bigger bottles! Highly recommended for almost anything!