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  • JH
    Jon Hunter

    ...or is it, this one missed the boat? Regardless, I chose to buy this sticker here because no one told me that the brilliant blue I wanted for my square sticker was impossible to recreate. In fact, Sticker Mule has yet to say that, however the finished product came to me was a dull looking purple and not this wonderful blue. They wanted me to send a pic of the sticker (a pic that any filter could...

  • Julie Sexton

    The stickers I ordered look good, but they’re difficult to peel them off the paper they come on. Stickers get damaged trying to remove. I will not be a return customer.

  • RB
    Rebecca Bare

    The first batch was not good and they quickly found out the problem, redid the order, sent us samples, and then fulfilled the rest of the order.

  • RF
    Regina Fraticelli

    We always love our monthly stickers!

  • KV
    Kelly Vessels

    This was the first time I ordered product from this company. My stickers turned out better than I expected. Great material, great customer service, and inverter around time.

  • Andrew Cornthwaite

    Just got my first order of stickers from Sticker mule. Exactly as I had ordered and fast delivery. Can’t wait to order a new round of stickers. Great quality.

  • Tree Eye

    Just what my client wanted

  • Govinda Sky

    Sticker Mule is my GoTo sticker company! Always satisfied! Always on time! Great product! I want to take the entire company to dinner.

  • JC
    John Caulfield

    Another one outta the park! Once again the mule comes through with a great sticker.

  • brokenjoshua1

    Sticker mule makes quality stickers every time. I've never had a bad experience. Their stickers are very solid, durable, and seem to be thicker than other vinyl stickers I've had in the past.