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  • LG
    Lori Griffith

    The items turned out nice. The major issue is that about 15-20 of them were stuck together in some way and got damaged when trying to separate them. They can’t be used at all when they are stuck together. These aren’t cheap, and I’m not a fan of paying for damaged products.

  • JR
    John Riney

    If Mr. Constantino wants to "stop the hate", a good way to start is to not promote a presidential candidate who constantly espouses hate.

  • Antoinette Horicky

    These were perfect.

  • Em
    Elaine miller

    Who knew a company would support bigots? unacceptable.

  • LR
    Laura Rogers

    This Tr*mpy company sent a derogatory email to a small business I follow and support. Dressing down a small business for political motivation is Busch league. I've placed my first, and now last, order with Sticker Mule.

  • Sp
    Sticker Mule CEO wants child rapists in power.

    Rude owner will use your customer contact information to send you tirades about his antisocial political beliefs. Don't expect to be treated with respect by their social media team.

  • Ac
    Allyson cobin

    I’m really sad I’ve ordered so many stickers from you including these and love them all but will no longer purchase from your company because you had to get politics involved. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but not in a business setting where I feel you are pushing the agenda.

  • JD
    Jody DiLeo

    These arrived in a very timely manner, and look great! Ordered a small batch to see how they would come out, and they were all given out at one event. Will be re-ordering a larger batch!

  • Mindy Richtsmeier

    Sticker Mule nails it every time with my designs and desires. Thankful to have found these guys!

  • LG
    Linda Gruenemeyer

    The static clings I received are big with beautiful colors, a perfect copy of the artwork supplied. I'm delighted that my order looks even better than I imagined it would.