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  • Becca McCann

    Pretty good (like the title), but there's a white line through the center of all of the stickers in the sticker roll.

  • L

    It's simple. We don't buy our stickers anywhere else. Sticker Mule gets its right every time.

  • Dalgie Burke

    This is amazing ! The quality 👌🏼 I couldn't ask for more

  • Kara

    Great quality, as always, from stickermule. I honestly hesitate to go anywhere else.

  • SR
    Silver Willow Rescue

    The sticker is great however extremely difficult to remove off the paper backing. Is there an easier method then the serrated roll?

  • Jimmy Lowery

    Came out great! And the sauce is awesome, too! Thanks again!

  • AC
    Abbie Case

    I am usually so impressed with my Sticker Mule products, but was quite disappointed in these. The background color was way off from my design file, turning my soft creamy beige color into a cool grey. The small difference completely changed the look and feel I was going for with these for my art prints. I knew the text was small and thin overall, but the final product came out a tad grainier than ...

  • JD
    Jay DeSimone

    I thought these would be a square sticker, but they are definitely rectangle. It's not horrible, but not as expected either. I'd order again because their application still works. Would like them to be more square, however.

  • DB
    Devin Berdeaux

    Love em

  • A

    My labels will not stick to my product. I’ve made sure the surface is clean and free of oils or dust. I even tried to create a rough surface and cleaned it before adding label.. so disappointed. $51 down the drain.