Wow... don't hesitate if you want top quality.

Jack Fountain

TL; DR: Order these for your sticker needs. I decided to respond to a StickerMule "deal" and order up some 3" full-color die-cut stickers. This gives me an idea about a company's capabilities before placing a "real" commercial order. So I InDesigned a logo for my son's sports gear & a little while later, I rec'd. TOTALLY RECOMMENDABLE stickers! The finish was attractive matte; the color was true; the die-cut and margin was FLAWLESS; and I'd order again. Be aware that this is on a WHITE ground — not clear. (I think they sell a clear sticker with opaque white where u want it.) Too early to tell about substrate/coating durability, adhesion, and intentional removability (if they make my kid remove sticker from football helmet, I'll try to update review with deets abt. sticker & adhesive removal). All in all, impressive product & fulfillment, and GREAT marketing & promotion. Inspiring all around!!!


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