Far Better Quality Than expected

TGSD IT Solutions

I found their Ad on a video website... I think Rumble... and I did what I don't normally do... I clicked on the Ad! I saw their sales thing and thought my company could use some stickers of our Logo. I had no real idea what I would use stickers for, but it was late and I had been imbibing (Whiskey)... Don't judge, you've done it.. and the next thing I know, I get an email showing me the new "proof" of my sticker... I thought "How cool"... Well, let's see how good these stickers are. Fast Forward about a week and POOF! Stickers at my door. And they were way better than I expected. I would like it if there was on option to upgrade to an industrial grade sticker that adheres like crazy glue and I would put these on all of my tools and such. But as it stands, I can use them to leave a sort of Company signature of our completed work. I will be ordering these again and likely delving into the realm of t-shirts and other sales nonsense that I don't need. But I would certainly recommend you find the sales Ad somewhere and buy a bigger order than you think you need, because you will kick yourself when you find these stickers to be as good as they are.


Like this? It's easy to order your own die cut stickers too 🙂