7 creative packaging tape designs

As soon as a customer orders, their anticipation and excitement grows as they await the mailman. However, many times, items are shipped in bland, brown boxes which do not excite the customer. At Sticker Mule, we are changing how items are packaged and helping companies get their customers excited about receiving their shipments. Recently in April, we launched custom packaging tape to do ju... Read more

Ten online clothing brands winning customer loyalty with every shipment

When it comes to buying clothes online, I’m sure you’ve had great and poor experiences. If you’re looking for clothing brands that understand how to surprise and delight their customers, then you’ll love this post. Without a brick and mortar location, online brands must think carefully about the entire customer experience from first click to the moment the box is opened — and beyond. Clothing ... Read more

15 Highly rated free design courses

Design is a major factor in how people view your company and website. But, what if you don’t know how to design, or can’t afford a full-time designer? It might be time to learn design yourself. We get asked all the time if we know of design courses, especially by people looking to make their own vinyl decals. With that in mind we’ve picked out 15 free design courses that’ll help you buil... Read more