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Custom stickers are taking over NYC!

Posted by Sticker Mule on

Sticker Mule is on a mission to get out the word to New York City about where to get their sticker printing done.

custom stickers new york city subway sticker mule

If you are in NYC or anywhere in the tri-state area, you may notice a big increase to the amount of mules (like Herman below) you’ll see around in the next few weeks.

herman sticker mule mascot mule

That’s because we’ve committed to spreading awareness through the magic of omnichannel advertising throughout the northeast United States. We are advertising some of our favorite videos, including our hugely popular 10 for $1 sticker ad that includes some of the best animation you’ll ever see on your silver screen. In addition to TV, we will also advertise on radio, streaming services, in subways, on expressways, and everything in between!

Our biggest (at least physically) ads are in Times Square and tower over 30 ft spreading sticker goodness to all the people of New York City. This is in addition to dozens of other billboards on major highways and highly trafficked areas in New York.

new york times square custom sticker ad

Since our creation in 2011, we’ve strived to provide the best quality custom printing service online. But it doesn’t just stop at our printed products, our entire company is committed to going above and beyond. From our top-rated customer support to launching new products like t-shirts or even new technology like the happy social network, Stimulus. We’ve aimed to be the best with everything we do and hopefully we can spread this knowledge to the New York area and beyond!

If you are in the Albany or New York area, hopefully you’ll see some of our ads out in the wild. But don’t worry, if not, this is just the beginning of big things for Sticker Mule and we can’t wait to share more in the near future.

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