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Enlarge an image without losing quality in Photoshop, it's possible?

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As a photographer, artist, or designer, the ability to enlarge images without losing quality is a valuable skill. Fortunately, with the right software and technique, it is indeed possible to accomplish this, but with varying results. The key is utilizing a process called "interpolation," which involves inserting new pixels into an image based on the colors and tones of surrounding pixels. This can be done manually with just increasing the size of the image but this really isn’t well suited for detailed photos and images.

Luckily, there are a few options these days. But it really depends on if you have access to Adobe Photoshop and its Creative Cloud or not. If you do, you are in luck, Photoshop has released a new feature for photographers called Super Resolution. This can increase the size of the image size by up to 4x, but you’ll need access to a plugin called Camera Raw and Adobe Bridge to get started. If you have access to these programs, it just takes a couple steps to get the process done.

If you’ve spent this entire blog post not quite understanding what those pieces of software do or how they work, we are right there with you. Even seasoned pros grow tired with the complexity of this problem, the whole process is way too confusing. Luckily there are some easier ways!

The following two methods will enable you to increase the size of any image without losing quality, which is perfect if you never intended on editing photos in Photoshop!

1) Use a AI image upscaling service online

The easiest and fastest way to improve your quality of photos is by using an AI-powered upscaling service which will not only help you save time, but also make sure that all aspects like color balance are preserved. There are many such services out there, but one that is getting quite popular (for good reason) these days is Upscale by Sticker Mule. It’s a 100% free image way to upscale images online and it works quite well. You can increase the resolution of any image for free by up to 8x with just a couple of clicks!

The best part of this service is that it’s completely free so you really don’t have much to lose by trying it out and seeing if it’s what you are looking for.

Like with any AI image upscaler, it’s incredibly fast and easy to use, but it’s not always absolutely perfect. It will work great for a majority of images and photos, but you may need some additional tools to achieve perfection with some images. That’s when a more extensive solution may work for you; like vectorization of your image.

2) Use a image vectorization service online

Like with all the AI image upscale services out there, there are quite a few services these days that can turn your image into a vector so you can scale the image indefinitely. This online solution works great for logos, symbols, and artwork among many other object oriented images. If you are looking to increase the quality of a photo, however, this will not be something that will help. But if you do have an object, transforming your image into a vector will pay off for years to come!

Once you have a vector image, you can scale and increase the size of it as large as you want it! You can even fill an entire movie screen with your new vector image without losing any quality. That’s why it’s such a great resource to have for images that you’ll need to send around a lot, since it will work for any purpose someone might want.

To get started to vectorize your image, head on over to Redraw by Sticker Mule. From there, just upload your photo and we will send you a proof within a couple hours of your new vector image. If you want any changes or don’t like certain things, just keep revising the proof until you are 100% satisfied with it. Once that is done, you just have to pay $14 and you’ll have a brand new vector image that can be used anywhere and practically for any purpose! Success!

It's also possible to convert an image into a vector a few different ways in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, but again, this approach is a very difficult task for non-Adobe experts. However, if you have the skills, here are 6 different ways to convert an image into a vector that way.

So in conclusion

It is indeed possible to enhance images in photoshop, but there are certain limitations that make it infeasible for images that have a lot of detail. In those cases, you can use an AI powered upscaling service like Upscale to increase the resolution by up to 8x or if that is not enough, then you can also convert your image into a vector image that then can be enhanced or enlarged to however big you’d like it!

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