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Introducing front adhesive stickers

Posted by Dave Traver

We’re excited to introduce front adhesive stickers. Front adhesive stickers are just like our clear stickers except the sticky side is on the front of the design, not the back. They are made to apply the design-side to the inside of a window.

Custom front adhesive stickers

Front adhesive stickers are printed on clear material and have an adhesive on the front, printed side of the sticker. These stickers are particularly helpful for certain uses including business storefronts that want to display their memberships, information or causes they support.

When we launched these stickers, we originally called them window stickers. We changed the name because "front adhesive sticker" is more intuitive and because other sticker types are also considered window stickers.

We hope you try our new front adhesive stickers and let us know what you think.

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