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How to resize images without losing quality

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We live in a digital era. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the manipulation of digital images is quite a big part of the digital ecosystem.

From resizing the image, to changing the resolution, to simply editing the image without losing quality as you do so, these processes have become, faster, easier and better at giving great results.

Keep on reading to find out how to resize images online for free using Upscale, without losing quality: no Photoshop required!

Why resize an image online?

The most common reasons for resizing images online are simple: people want to use images on their websites, social media platforms, or digital brochures., but can’t find the right image at the size they need.

Opting to resize an image online is a great route to take for those who don’t have access to professional tools like Photoshop – or lack the professional skill to use them properly.

Online image resizing is faster, easier, and with Upscale it’s totally free.

Resizing images online to boost website performance

Image size can affect your website’s performance. Remember, the larger the files, the more work your web page has to do; larger images will lead to slower web pages.

Each pixel in an image takes a certain number of bytes to encode, so the fewer pixels in an image, the smaller the file size will be. Find out what size your website displays images at, and resize them according to the requirements.

Fun fact: it is always a better idea to resize images to be a little bigger than the intended display size. If you resize images, it will eliminate the unnecessary pixels while cutting down on file size significantly.

Now, you may be wondering, what if you have a small image size that needs to be bigger? Is it even possible to make an image bigger in scale without losing quality?

Resizing smaller images to make them bigger

How many times have you found the perfect image for that newsletter, website or sticker, only to find the image itself is impossibly tiny.

Fret not, there is an answer to your problem: upsizing!

Before we get into more details about upsizing an image, let’s first explore a few reasons why upsizing may be a necessary step.

Resizing images for print

If you need to print an image, or you want to turn a photo into a sticker or poster, it can turn out extremely blurry, undefined and pixelated if the image isn’t resized correctly.

The good news is that resizing an image is not very complicated. It’s quick and easy to learn how to resize an image without losing quality, and the right tools make it possible in a heartbeat.

Is it possible to upsize images without losing quality?

Yes, it is! As mentioned earlier, these days it’s pretty easy to resize images without losing their quality. Before we get into the upsizing process, you have to understand the basics behind the resizing of an image's pixels.

The technical bit: how an image resizer works

Have you ever zoomed in really close on an image before? If you have, you probably saw those small squares inside the image; those squares are called pixels. Pixels have assigned colors and positions on an image – this is where the name Bitmap comes from!

There are various image file formats used online. Image types like JPEG and PNG tend to be the most common; both of these file types are technically Bitmap files, consisting of thousands of tiny pixels.

When you click and drag an image to make it larger, the individual pixels are stretched and expanded, resulting in a blurry, pixelated image.

Modern image resizers, like Upscale, use intelligent solutions to create new pixels, padding out your image to the size you want without compromising on quality.

How to resize an image online with Upscale

Thankfully, you can get your hands on our top-rated free image resizer, called Upscale, which you can use to take all the work out of resizing images. Using the power of artificial intelligence, you are now able to make your image bigger, without losing quality.

How to resize an image using Upscale

Step 1: Create your Upscale account to resize an image online for free.

Step 2:

Upload any image and Upscale will convert your image to a variety of high resolution outputs.

Step 3:

Magic! Your image will be up to two times bigger than its original size. You can now download the image in your preferred specs.

Upscale will not make your pixels bigger – it makes your image bigger. Its clever technology analyzes your image to create brand new pixels. Just upload your image and within a few seconds, you will be able to download your upgraded, larger image.

The best part of it all? Upscale is a free online image resizer that you can use quickly and easily whenever you need to.

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