Purchasing manager

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Job description

The purchasing manager coordinates all purchase activities from order placement to delivery based on the needs of the organization.

Work performed

  1. Coordinates purchases from order placement to delivery.

  2. Seeks and partners with reliable suppliers and vendors and maintains relationships for any materials, supplies, equipment and services

  3. Determines appropriate order sizes to maintain adequate inventory levels. 

  4. Ensures purchases are delivered on time & to specification.

  5. Works with vendors to resolve quality issues with materials or equipment.

  6. Researches new materials to support introduction of new products.

  7. Identifies and maintains alternative suppliers for key materials.

  8. Sets up new vendors in system and ensures NDAs are signed. 

  9. Maintains warranties & service contracts by reviewing their necessity prior to expiration.  

  10. Other tasks as assigned by management.


  1. 5+ years of purchasing experience.

  2. Demonstrated ability to negotiate with vendors.

Pay & benefits

  1. $90,000/yr + depending on experience

  1. $10,000 signing bonus

  1. 401k plan with 4% employer match

  1. Health & dental insurance

  1. 4 weeks paid vacation