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Love it!

Loved these stickers! Thank you :)

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Custom circle stickers better than competition

Hi all. I had a batch of stickers made by another company (St____junkie) and they came out very pixelated and not sharp. I had Stickermule make a batch from the same file...and they came out great. Not pixelated and the colors are solid as they should be. Oh yeah...also....Stickermule's price was ~$50 cheaper too. Bonus. Thanks for the great job.

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Happy but not blown away

I got good support during the proofing process and the stickers look Pretty decent overall, but I did notice a little bit of what I think is an alignment issue. I can make out a slightly offset copy of some things like some typeface and some lines. We needed these for a project and they are definitely usable, but if I had more time or the project was different I might ask for a reprint.

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Versatile Stickers

The stickers are handy and I'm using them on place mats, canisters, and even on our tee shirts. I would like to know if they come in a larger size than the 2x2 inches so that I can use them on even more things.

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Great quality you will show off!

Quite happy with my stickers...

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Almost perfect

These stickers seem to be super high quality. The color is perfect. The only thing weird about my order was the die cut was slightly off, like they were cut by hand along one edge, and one of the rounded corners wasn't symmetrical to the others. Maybe their machine had some difficulty with my custom cut. Next time I'll be sure to ask why this happened. Otherwise they look really great.

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Good quality but...

...the printing was slightly off register. The text looked blurry. Not sure how I could have made the file better. If there are best practices specifically for your printer, I would like to know. We did another run with a local printer on a digital press and the printing was better, but the paper quality was not at strong as Sticker Mules. See attached photo (SM on the left).

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They turned out great. Will be ordering more soon

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Good quality, support and turn-around time

The support team was super responsive to all my emails and the stickers showed up earlier than expected. Kiss-cut stickers came out perfect to my specific dimensions which was very important to me. Thanks!

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They weren't the best

The color was good but it looks like they did a second hit of the color. The registration on the second hit was totally off. So, all of the stickers look kind of bad.