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A glimpse inside Sticker Mule

Posted by Anthony Constantino on

We created Sticker Mule to be the best place to work and shop. It was an opportunity to test our ideas about what makes an ideal customer and work experience. So far, we have not shared much about our inner workings, but since we are hiring we think it’s good to provide a glimpse at what it’s like here.

In addition to our factories in the US & Italy, we work from 17 countries and rely on metrics to self manage. Our metrics focus allows us have a lot of fun by freeing us to not worry about the small stuff. BBQs, relaxed travel, good food and Vinny’s wine help make this a great place to work.

Of course, the best fun tends to be spontaneous and, fortunately, our iPhones captured a few of these moments along the way. Our new video gives you a look at our people, culture and some amusing moments. Check it out and, if you’re interested in joining the fun, apply to join us.

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