A glimpse inside Sticker Mule

We created Sticker Mule to be the best place to work and shop. It was an opportunity to test our ideas about what makes an ideal customer and work experience. So far, we have not shared much about our inner workings, but since we are hiring we think it’s good to provide a glimpse at what it’s like here. In addition to our factories in the US & Italy, we work from 15 countries and rely on m... Read more

Introducing Sticker Mule Europe

Our European factory is open for business. Along with it, we have many improvements for our European customers, including: Faster turnaround It's only 2 days transit time for most European countries. Free shipping Shipping is now free for all European countries. VAT support Eligible businesses automatically have the VAT removed during checkout. Local currencies Order using GBP or Euro... Read more

Omit needless words

Every needless word you omit is an investment in the foundation of your organization. Here’s why: People don't read People read 20% of the words on a web page. A concise message is more likely to be absorbed. Save time Extra words waste time for your customers and coworkers. Simplify translations Be concise in your native language to make translating content easier. Strengthen your b... Read more

Customer service principles

Our aim has always been to be the internet’s favorite printer. To that end, we respond quickly and effectively to our customers to help them be as successful as possible. Although we can’t plan for every scenario in customer service, we use principles to give our team a framework for replying to customers. They are: 1. Avoid negatives Avoid saying sorry, can’t, won’t, not able to, unfortuna... Read more

Our approach to compensation at Sticker Mule

Compensation is hard to get right. It's a tool to keep us aligned, but it's easy to design a compensation strategy with harmful side effects. Our obsession with simplicity serves us well so we opted for a strategy that’s easy to administer and understand. Our approach is to pay above market wages for all positions. While many companies develop bonus programs that are difficult to understand a... Read more

Principles of manufacturing

We use principles to guide decision making for each area of our business. Here are the principles we use in manufacturing: 1. Safety > quality > delivery > cost It's not worth operating if we do not keep people safe. There's no reason to ship product that is defective. And, there is little value in trying to save money if we do not deliver on time. 2. Design processes so that anyone can pe... Read more

Content principles at Sticker Mule

At Sticker Mule we view content as more than blog posts. Content includes everything from website copy, videos and FAQs to dashboards, emails, training guides and internal documentation. Vigilance about content quality helps us build a solid foundation for our future. Content multiplies as you grow so it is important to foster a commitment to crafting high quality content early. We created ... Read more

Get a return on your time sooner to grow faster

Recently, we expanded into roll labels. To do so, we made a substantial investment in new label printing and finishing machinery. Since the printers arrived months before our finishing machine, we soft-launched by purchasing a low-end finishing machine that could only make circle roll labels. No one would have faulted us if we delayed launching until the proper finishing machine arrived. What... Read more

Decision making principles we use to run Sticker Mule

Not only is our team remote, but we also tend to work independently. Generally, after a 2 - 4 week onboarding period, new team members at Sticker Mule are able to independently decide what makes the most sense for them to pursue. To keep us aligned, we manage via mutually agreed upon principles that guide our decision making. As our team grows and we add new areas of responsibility to our ... Read more

How to build an international ecommerce company

Last year, Sticker Mule shipped to 87 countries. It's been a long process to lay a foundation to support international customers and we still have a lot to do. Since the decision to go international is one faced by every ecommerce company, I thought it’d be worth sharing our approach. Anyone looking to go international should understand 2 things before embarking on the journey: Internat... Read more