This is what your customers want from their shopping experience

Your customers are your business. Without them, even the most fantastic, life-changing product will get no sales. Customers are so central to business success that some marketing experts – like Joe Pulizzi, in his book “Content Inc.” – say that when you’re thinking about going into business, you should start with the audience (your potential customers) first. Build an audience of those people... Read more

How to save on shipping costs

Did you notice what happened in January? USPS and FedEx raised their costs. So did CanadaPost. These weren’t massive price hikes – only about 3-5%. But it may have been enough to cause you to furrow your brow when you tallied up the month’s expenses. Shipping costs are unavoidable, of course. But there’s every reason to keep them down. So here are a few ways to do that for your online shop,... Read more

How to create package inserts that work

So you’ve got your next order nearly all packed up. You’ve checked the packing list. You’ve made sure the order won’t get damaged on its way… and now you’re about to seal up the box. Wait! Where’s the package insert? Don’t forget it. You’ve got an opportunity here to earn more sales, nab a new customer or even clear some old inventory. All it takes is a simple slip of paper. Package ins... Read more

Think inside the box: How to make your store’s shipping experience more memorable

Unboxing has become a core part of customers’ retail experience. There are tens of thousands of unboxing videos on YouTube. There’s probably another hundred thousand unboxing blog posts on niche websites. The moment of opening a shipping box is pure delight. It’s a bit of Christmas any day of the week. Unboxing is such a big deal that I wonder if it isn’t part of what’s driving the super-... Read more

5 inexpensive ways to make your packages stand out

You just got a new order. A nice one. All that work – the marketing, the website, the product, the sourcing, the transaction processes – paid off. Everything worked! Now that order has to get packaged up and sent to the customer. It’s got to survive the journey and arrive at your customer’s door intact. When they open it, everything has to be perfect. The moment of unboxing is so criti... Read more

How 3 online crafters save time and money with creative packaging

Most online crafters don’t need to be told what branding is. They know it intuitively. They framed their branding as they developed their products. They put it in writing when they got a logo and a business card. But what about a product’s shipping box and packaging? If you’re an online crafter, you probably already get that this is another aspect of branding. It’s not just a fulfillment cost... Read more