What's the difference between custom stickers and custom labels?

While seemingly similar, custom stickers and custom labels are unique both in their material and in their uses.

Stickers are made of premium, thick vinyl and are most often used for promotion and handed out individually or included within packaging.

Labels are made with a thinner BOPP film and tend to be used in production (on packaging, bottles, etc) because they are faster to peel.

You can see dozens of different ways to use stickers and labels in our Uses gallery.

Thickness8.3 mils4.2 mils
Thickness w/ paper backing15 mils6.4 mils
MaterialPremium, thick vinylBOPP
Matte finish
Luster finish

The choice between custom stickers or custom labels depends largely on how you intend to use them.

FAQ Label Stickers

Please note that our custom clear labels are made from a clear PET film and feature a glossy UV finish.