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  • peter

    The colors on these is really nice and consistent. Blacks are super black and paper quality is great as well!

  • Scotty Doucet

    The logo is too big. The ends of it go under my arms slightly. The print also looks like it’s “vintage”. The reds aren’t bright at all. On the red lettering, you can see white under it because it’s misaligned. There are some white edges sticking out from behind the red but not consistent. I bought the shirt because of a 50% offer and I’m glad I didn’t pay full price. I will not be ordering a print...

  • Ed Deso

    They do great work but you have to tell them to print your art at 100%, otherwise it gets blown up. The shirt I just received was blown up 120% from original and copy is way too big. I always center my art (8" wide) on a 12x13.5 and it still gets enlarged.

  • سلمى سعود Salma Soud

    thank you for amazing work.

  • Angel Pena Ramos

    Beautiful !!