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  • Leah Coghlan

    These are pretty awesome, however, the protective film you need to remove is an absolute beast to get off! Had there not been a card in my order telling me, I would have thought they were crappy, scratched buttons. Sat there for ten minutes, trying various buttons with no luck. Thought maybe they didn’t add it to mine. They did. I just have to remove them with a hair dryer on high heat. Should be ...

  • Jackie Wade

    These are SUPPOSED to be pins but almost all of the backs are BROKEN and cannot be worn as pins! They are also EXTREMELY DIRTY and scratched up! I cannot believe they would mail something like this

  • David Reynolds

    It pains me to write this because StcikerMule excels at stickers. I bought a batch of 10 pins last month and they were great. They had a sale for 50 and they arrived with quality issues such a glue residue, poor backing placement, etc. The replacement order arrive with the image not centered, some missing the pin backing, and some had chips in the image or plastic. I would look elsewhere for pins.

  • Kirstee

    The pins turned out perfect! During the proof stage, they worked with me to help make the design as readable and clean as possible considering the size I wanted. Love sticker mule products!

  • Ali

    Great pins! Unfortunately every time I order some acrylic pins a few of them come damaged. So make sure you order more than you need!!

  • Gabriel Suchowolski - microbians

    This second batch is good, right color and pin position

  • Mark R Jordan

    Ok.. I was a lil hesitant ordering these as I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm really happy that I did order. The pins are thick, feels strong, and the image is clear. These pins are so badass!! Def will re-order this.

  • CrossFit Habu

    Very happy with our order. Despite the pact couple came with metal pin broken, all in all good quality and nice product.

  • James Do

    The needles were broken easily!! I bought 50 pins from Stickermule as gifts to my soccer club members and really excited about this. However, 5 out of 50 pin needles were broken even before use, and the other 5 were broken when my members used them. I hope my review will help the Stickermule team, so they will not disappoint their customers like me!


    This was my first time ordering form Sticker Mule and I was worried that the color wouldn't come out the same as my image but it was 100% the same and it wasn't blurry. I'm very happy how it turned out.