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Static clings vs. transfer stickers

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Although they can be used for similar purposes, static clings and transfer stickers both have their own unique benefits – so how do you choose between them?

What are the benefits of static clings?

They’re adhesive-free, reusable and completely customizable; here are the main benefits of static cling stickers.

What are static cling stickers?

A static cling is a thin vinyl sticker that sticks to a surface without any adhesive, instead using natural static to hold firmly in place. Static clings work best on smooth surfaces and can be easily applied and reapplied time and time again.

What can static clings be used for?

Static cling stickers are ideal for use on windows, metal and other smooth, non-porous surfaces. Great for branding, advertising and decoration, static clings work great for temporary use and are the perfect choice for seasonal decoration as they can be reused.

Do static clings make good window stickers?

They sure do! Static clings adhere securely to windows, displaying whatever design your heart desires until you decide to take it down. As they don’t use any adhesive, static cling stickers won’t leave behind any marks or residue once you remove them.

Can I get a custom static cling made?

Yes! Sticker Mule makes custom static clings in any design you can think of. Here’s how.

  1. Choose the size and quantity of static clings you want
  2. Upload your artwork and add any comments
  3. Place your order and choose your delivery date
  4. We’ll send you a proof via email within 4 hours
  5. Approve your proof, or request any changes you’d like (it’s free!)
  6. Once you’re happy, that’s it: we’ll send you your custom static clings

Can I use static clings outdoors?

Static cling stickers are recommended for indoor use, but can be used outdoors temporarily in the right conditions. Static clings are not weatherproof, and have certain temperature limits that can affect their adhesiveness; they apply best at room temperature, and have a service temperature of between 20°F and 220°F, meaning they might not adhere as well in temperatures outside this range.

What are the benefits of transfer stickers?


Transfer stickers are durable, long-lasting and versatile – find out why we love them.

What are transfer stickers?

Consisting of multiple parts of durable vinyl held together with transfer tape, transfer stickers are built to keep all the parts of your sticker design together to ensure precise application. Transfer stickers are made up of three layers: a paper backing, the vinyl sticker and a layer of transfer tape to hold it all together until you’re finished applying it.

What can I use transfer stickers for?

Highly durable, transfer stickers can be used as glass stickers, or on metal and other smooth surfaces, like laminated doors or even paper. Transfer stickers are the perfect option for logos, names and complicated designs, as they’ll hold all elements of a design together to ensure precise placement.

Do transfer stickers work for windows?

Yes, clear transfer stickers work great as window stickers. On glass, clear transfer stickers are extremely durable and long-lasting, so they’re ideal for businesses and commercial windows, too. Transfer stickers use a strong adhesive to stay in place so may take some effort to remove from windows (and some soap and water to clean any remaining residue).

Can I have custom transfer stickers made?

Yes, our transfer stickers are completely customizable in terms of design and size. Transfer stickers are dyed rather than printed, so they’re currently offered in either black or white.

Just follow the same steps for ordering static clings above, or watch our video on how to order custom stickers.

Are transfer stickers suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, transfer stickers work well for outdoor use thanks to their durability and strong adhesive. Transfer stickers are weatherproof and fade-proof, as the vinyl is dyed rather than printed.

How to choose between static clings and transfer stickers


Choosing between static cling and transfer stickers can be tricky, but we’ve summed up the pros and cons of each so your decision is as easy as can be.

Static cling stickers vs. transfer stickers: pros and cons

Static clings: Pros Fully customizable in any shape or color Free from adhesive Durable but easily removed Reusable

Cons Only work under certain temperature conditions Not suitable for outdoor use

Transfer stickers: Pros Great for complicated designs with multiple parts Durable and long-lasting Suitable for outdoor use

Cons Not reusable Take a little more effort to remove than static clings

Static cling stickers vs. transfer stickers: FAQs

Still have a question about static clings or transfer stickers? Keep reading.

Which work best as glass stickers, static clings or transfer stickers?

It depends what you need from your window stickers. Static cling stickers work for both temporary and longer-term use as glass stickers, and can be removed and reused with very little effort, leaving no trace behind them. Clear transfer stickers look great when applied to windows and can be used outdoors, but take more effort to remove so are better suited for long term use.

Are static cling stickers or transfer stickers longer lasting?

Transfer stickers tend to be longer lasting when applied due to their strong adhesive. This makes them much better suited for outdoor use, too. Static cling stickers, however, can be reapplied multiple times so are perfect for seasonal use and the sticker itself will last a long time as a result.

Do static clings or transfer stickers work best on metal surfaces?

Both static clings and transfer stickers work well on metal surfaces, however if you want to apply your sticker to an outdoor metal surface like a car, clear transfer stickers are your best bet. Their extra-strong adhesive gives them a staying power when used on outdoor metal surfaces that static clings lack. For indoor metal surfaces, static clings are perfect for more temporary use.

Can I use static cling stickers or transfer stickers on a wall?

You can use both static clings and transfer stickers on walls. For static clings, it’s critical that the wall is as smooth and clean as possible; dust, dirt and texture on the wall will all have a negative impact on the adhesion of the static cling.

Transfer stickers work even better for walls, and adhere securely to smooth surfaces. If you’ve recently painted a room, we recommend waiting a couple of weeks before applying your transfer stickers to prevent them from bubbling.

Which is easier to remove, a static cling sticker or a transfer sticker?

Static clings are easier to remove as they don’t use adhesive to stick to a surface. You can simply peel them off and reuse them whenever you want! Transfer stickers can also be removed, but the surface may have some residue leftover which will need to be cleaned with soap and water.

Where can I get custom static clings and transfer stickers made?

You can get custom static clings and transfer stickers made right here! Sticker Mule can make custom static clings in any shape and color you can dream up; we do custom sizes, too. Just click below to get started.

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