Static clings

  • What is a static cling sticker?

    Static clings are a type of sticker that holds firmly to any smooth surface without using adhesive. They are made from thin, white vinyl which naturally adheres to glass and other smooth surfaces....

  • How do static clings work?

    Static clings adhere to glass and other non-porous surfaces through suction with the natural static created on the surface.

  • What’s the difference between clear stickers and static clings?

    Our clear stickers are made of a premium, thick vinyl witha strong adhesive. They are most often used for promotion and handed out individually or included within packaging. They’re great for outdo...

  • How do I apply a static cling?

    To apply a static cling, the surface must be clean, smooth and as close to room temperature as possible. Cold surfaces reduce the cling of the vinyl. Small decals (12” x 12” or smaller) may be appl...

  • What kind of material are your static clings made from?

    Our static clings are made from premium, self-clinging white vinyl.

  • How thick are your static clings?

    Our static clings without the liner are 7 mil thick. Keep in mind, mil is not short for millimeter. Mil is a commonly used measurement for products like stickers and static clings, where 1 mil is...

  • What kind of finish do static clings have?

    Our static clings feature a lustre finish.

  • Are static clings laminated?

    Static clings do not feature a laminate.

  • Can static clings be used outdoors?

    Because they do not have adhesive, static clings should only be used outdoors in temporary situations as weather and humidity can alter their cling ability.

  • What temperature range do static clings tolerate?

    Static clings have a minimum application temperature of +40°F with a service temperature of 20°F to 200°F. For correct application, it's important that clings are applied as close to room tempera...

  • Are static clings weatherproof?

    No. Static clings are not intended for extended outdoor use. Static clings should only be used outdoors in temporary situations.

  • How long can static clings retain their clinging ability?

    Static clings are used for temporary applications, up to about 3 months. Temperature, wind and rain may also limit their cling ability.

  • Are you able to print white ink on static clings?

    Our static clings are printed on white material and therefore, will not be printed with white ink. Any white ink in your artwork will be the white of the static cling and will not be printed.

  • Can I write on your static clings?

    Yes, you can write on our static clings. We find permanent markers and ballpoint pens work best. Depending on the type of ink used, you may need to give the ink chance to dry before using your stat...

  • Do you offer static cling samples?

    Currently, we do not offer static cling samples.