• Do your stickers adhere to surfboards?

    Yes, our surfboard stickers will adhere to unwaxed surfboards. You should apply your stickers 24 hours prior to submerging your board in water. The adhesion becomes stronger with time so surfing im...

  • Will your stickers adhere to a hard hat?

    Yes, our custom hard hat stickers have a permanent adhesive that adheres to a hard hat. With a protective laminate they are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and are resistant to wind,...

  • Can you make sticker postcards?

    No, we cannot print on the back side of the sticker to create a postcard.

  • Can you print QR code stickers?

    We can! As long as the QR + artwork is at least 300 ppi or better. Just be sure to embed the code into your artwork. In order to be easily scannable, you need a white border around your QR code...

  • Do you offer custom hang tags?

    Yes, we offer custom hang tags.