• What is Unixstickers?

    Unixstickers is the largest collection of Unix, Linux, software and programming stickers. Collect all of them and cover your laptop and other belongings with greatness.

  • What’s inside each pack? - Unixstickers

    Unixstickers Pro pack includes the following stickers: 4 Badge stickers [Vim + Arch Linux + Python + Git] Python Vim Git Official Bash Linux Tux Debian or Linux Inside Arch Linux Javascript GoLa...

  • What's the size of the stickers? - Unixstickers

    The size of each Unixstickers sticker can vary but they're generally around 2.56in (6.5cm) on the longer side for regular shapes or 4.5in (11.5cm) for stretched shapes. Our badge stickers have a f...

  • How are your stickers made? - Unixstickers

    All Unixstickers packs are printed on a thick and durable vinyl laminated with a protective film that protects your stickers from scratching, rain & sunlight.

  • How long will your stickers last? - Unixstickers

    Our stickers are fade resistant for 3-5 years. Durability can be of course affected by weathering conditions if placed outside, temperature and surface.

  • What finish are the stickers? - Unixstickers

    All the stickers in our packs are laminated with a durable, matte finish.

  • Can I suggest an addition to the pack? - Unixstickers

    Yes, post them to the Unixstickers suggestion forum.

  • Where are the old stickers that used to be available on Unixstickers?

    We have reduced the number of stickers we offer, however we created a repository where you can download and print with Sticker Mule. It's available here.

  • Can I order custom stickers? - Unixstickers

    Yes, you can order custom stickers in any design with Sticker Mule.

  • Which payment methods do you accept? - Unixstickers

    We accept Paypal and Credit card payments processed through 3D secure.

  • What does shipping cost? - Unixstickers

    Nothing. All Unixstickers sticker packs are shipped free worldwide.

  • How long does it take to ship my order? - Unixstickers

    Unixstickers sticker packs are usually shipped within 24-36 hours. You'll receive a shipping notification once your order leaves our facility.

  • Where do you ship from? - Unixstickers

    Unixstickers ships from the USA.

  • What shipping methods do you offer? - Unixstickers

    Your Unixstickers pack will be shipped by mail. Delivery time can vary depending on your location, generally it’s between 5-10 business days from shipping.

  • Do you accept returns? - Unixstickers

    In the case you’re not satisfied with our product please contact us at info@unixstickers.com and we’ll find the best solution to solve your problem!

  • How do I cancel my order? - Unixstickers

    Email info@unixstickers.com and provide your order number. If your order did not ship, we will cancel and refund your order.