Vinyl lettering stickers

  • Do you sell custom vinyl lettering?

    Yes, our custom vinyl lettering is an easy way to create type and numbers with no artwork required. To order vinyl lettering, type a message and select a font, color and size. Order as few as 1 or...

  • What vinyl lettering colors do you offer?

    Currently, vinyl lettering stickers are available in either black or white vinyl.

  • How thick is the vinyl used for vinyl lettering?

    The vinyl used for vinyl lettering is 3.4 mil (86 microns) thick. Keep in mind, the term mil is not short for millimeter. Mil is form of measurement commonly used in manufacturing to specify thic...

  • Do you have templates for vinyl lettering?

    No. Since vinyl lettering does not require any artwork, templates are not necessary. Simply type a message and we’ll take care of the rest!

  • Do you offer vinyl lettering samples?

    Although we do not have vinyl lettering samples available, you can simply order 1 sticker to try it out!

  • What are the minimum and maximum sizes for vinyl lettering stickers?

    The minimum height requirement is 2" and the maximum width is 26". Based on the font and length of characters, the height will automatically be adjusted accordingly to meet our vinyl lettering requ...

  • What is vinyl lettering?

    Vinyl lettering is a type of transfer sticker that is text-only. Uses for vinyl lettering include storefronts, car windows, laptops, or any other smooth surface. Vinyl lettering is easy to design ...

  • Can I add vinyl lettering to an existing order?

    Currently, since vinyl lettering skips the proofing process, we do not have a way to add vinyl lettering to an existing order. A new, seperate order has to be placed.

  • What is vinyl lettering made from?

    Sticker Mule’s Vinyl lettering is made from highly durable black vinyl or white vinyl with a matte finish that's ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Can I use emojis in vinyl lettering stickers?

    No, we are unable to print emojis with vinyl lettering stickers.

  • What fonts can I choose from for vinyl lettering?

    You can choose from any of the below fonts:

  • Are vinyl lettering stickers weatherproof?

    Yes, our vinyl lettering stickers are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Since our vinyl lettering stickers are not printed, they will not fade.

  • How do I apply vinyl lettering stickers?

    To apply a vinyl lettering sticker, remove it from the paper backing by peeling away the transfer tape. The tape will hold the individual pieces of your sticker design in place while you position i...

  • Can I print multiple lines with vinyl lettering?

    No, currently our process only allows for single line lettering. We do plan to introduce multiple line vinyl lettering stickers, but we don’t have an ETA as to when this option will become availabl...

  • What type of adhesive does vinyl lettering have?

    Vinyl lettering stickers use a strong, permanent adhesive.

  • Can you print numbers with vinyl lettering stickers?

    Yes. We can print any number, 1-10.

  • What surfaces are suitable for vinyl lettering stickers?

    Our vinyl lettering stickers are designed to adhere to flat, hard surfaces. Smooth surfaces such as glass, paper, windows, metal, and laminated doors work best. Vinyl lettering stickers are not i...

  • Can you print special characters with vinyl lettering stickers?

    Yes, we can print special characters.

  • Can I use ©, ® or ™ in my vinyl lettering sticker design?

    No, we aren't able to produce symbols such as ©, ® or ™ because they are too small for us to cut. As our process improves we may relax this restriction, but, for now, we cannot accept them.