• Can I see samples before I buy?

    Yes, we offer sample packs with a collection of 9 stickers for $1. We also allow you to order 10 custom stickers for $9 using your artwork including free 2-day shipping. This allows you to get stic...

  • How long will your stickers last?

    Our custom stickers are fade resistant for 3 - 5 years. The printing is water resistant too.

  • Are your stickers weatherproof?

    Yes, our custom stickers are weatherproof. They're able to withstand exposure to wind, rain and sunlight. All of our stickers are printed on premium vinyl with a permanent adhesive and are coated w...

  • Can you do a rounded corner bumper sticker?

    Yes, to order rounded corner bumper stickers provide artwork with a rounded corner cut line or indicate you want your stickers to have rounded corner artwork instructions. Rounded corner bumper sti...

  • Do you have clear vinyl stickers?

    Yes, we offer clear vinyl stickers stickers with a matte finish. Our clear stickers can come in any shape and prices include full color printing.

  • Can you print stickers with sequential numbering?

    We are not able to print custom stickers with either sequential numbering or variable data. If this is a feature you'd find useful, you can vote for it here.

  • Can you split the paper backing on my stickers?

    No, we're unable to provide a 'crack and peel' backing.

  • Can you print on the back of my stickers?

    No, we do not offer back printing. If you'd like to include extra information with your sticker, we recommend kiss cut stickers. Kiss cut stickers typically have a rectangular backing around the...

  • What is your minimum order quantity for stickers?

    We offer custom sticker samples starting at just 10 units per design. If you would like to order more than 10 stickers and less than 50, add 50 units to your cart and then override the quantity ...

  • Can you print using metallic inks or foil?

    No, we're unable to print using metallic inks. We do offer holographic stickers, which are printed on a metallic-like vinyl.

  • Do you have a "die" or "tooling" charge?

    No, we do not have a die charge, tooling charge or any other extra charges. The prices you see on our website include all costs.

  • What type of adhesive do you use?

    The type of adhesive we use varies by product: Custom stickers, transfer stickers, roll labels use a permanent adhesive. Bumper stickers and wall graphics use a removable adhesive.

  • What is the largest sticker you can make?

    The largest size custom stickers we make is 36" x 24". This includes die cut, kiss cut, circle, rectangle, square, oval, rounded corner, clear, and bumper stickers. We also offer wall graphics u...

  • Do your stickers have a matte or gloss finish?

    Our custom stickers have a matte finish. We do not plan to offer a gloss finish option since our customers are overwhelmingly positive about our unique matte finish.

  • Is there a difference between bumper stickers and rectangle stickers?

    Yes, we use a permanent adhesive for rectangle stickers and a removable adhesive for bumper stickers.

  • What is the minimum order quantity for clear stickers?

    We offer custom clear sticker samples starting at just 10 units per design. If you would like to order more than 10 clear stickers and less than 50, add 50 units to your cart and then override th...

  • What type of sticker should I order?

    We offer all types of custom stickers: die cut stickers, kiss cut stickers, clear stickers, transfer stickers, roll labels, and more. We created this video to help you figure out what sticker type ...

  • Do you offer gloss finish stickers?

    No, our custom stickers are all matte finish.

  • Will your stickers adhere to fabric?

    Yes, our custom stickers have a permanent adhesive which adheres to most fabrics. Although, they will not withstand a washing machine and will not have the holding power as an iron-on adhesive wou...

  • What is the corner radius for your rounded corner stickers?

    The radius of the corner is 0.25 inches for rounded corner stickers. If you're interested in a custom radius, we can also accommodate those requests down to 0.1". Just be sure to let us know in you...

  • How do you determine the dimensions of a die cut sticker?

    Use the widest and tallest portions of your design to determine the dimensions for a die cut sticker. If you do not know the exact dimensions of your design it's no problem. You can guess at the di...

  • Can I write on your stickers?

    Yes, you are able to write on our custom stickers. This makes our stickers useful as name tags or for labelling hand-made products. We find permanent markers and ballpoint pens work best. Dependi...

  • Do you allow internal cuts?

    We allow one (1) internal cut that must be at least 1/4" (0.635cm) in size for die cut stickers, kiss cut stickers, holographic stickers, hang tag stickers, clear stickers, static clings, sticker s...

  • Will my stickers have your branding on them?

    No, we do not add our branding to your stickers. We only print what you provide.

  • What is the mil (thickness) of your stickers?

    Our custom stickers are approximately 15.4 mil (380 microns) in thickness (including the liner) which is about as thick as a playing card. Keep in mind, the term mil is not short for millimeter...

  • Do you have glow-in-the-dark stickers?

    No, we do not offer glow-in-the-dark ink or vinyl.

  • Do you sell weeded transfer stickers or vinyl cut stickers?

    Yes, we offer weeded transfer stickers or vinyl decals. Prices start at $39 for 10 with free U.S. shipping. Currently, we only offer weeded transfer stickers in black and white.

  • How much space is required between each image on a sticker sheet?

    We require a 0.25" space between each design on a sticker sheet. You can fit as many designs on a sheet as desired as long as there is a 0.25" space and each design is at least 1" x 1" in size.

  • How do I setup a sticker sheet?

    You can lay out your designs using our custom sticker sheet templates. Or, upload your designs in a .zip file and we will lay them out for you. After you order, we'll send an online proof showing h...

  • Can I use your stickers as name tags?

    Yes, you can write on our stickers with a ballpoint pen or permanent marker. However, you should give the ink time to dry so that it does not smudge since the surface of our stickers is not as abso...

  • Do you make piggyback stickers?

    No, we do not make piggyback stickers or labels. This product is not on our roadmap, but a quick Google search for piggyback stickers or piggyback labels should help you find a vendor for this prod...

  • How many stickers can I fit on a sticker sheet?

    The number of stickers that can fit on a sticker sheet depends on the size of each sticker and the size of the sheet. Each sticker must be at least 1" and spaced at least .25" from the other sticke...

  • What is your least expensive sticker shape?

    Our stickers are priced based on the complexity of their cut, size and quantity. Below is a list of our stickers sorted from least to most expensive: 1. Circles, Squares, Rectangles and Ovals (leas...

  • Are your stickers durable enough to wear on a helmet?

    Yes, our custom helmet stickers are coated with a protective laminate to make them resistant to wind, rain, water, sunlight and scratching. However, it may not be possible to apply a sticker acro...

  • Can I order a few really large stickers?

    We offer wall graphics that can be ordered individually (units of 1) in sizes up to 96" x 56". You can can also order custom stickers as large as 36" x 24" in quantities as small as 10. This ...

  • Can I order less than 50 custom stickers?

    We offer Custom Samples starting at just 10 units per design. If you would like to order more than 10 stickers and less than 50, add 50 units to your cart and then override the quantity to your de...

  • Can you make stickers with a tear line?

    No, we currently are not able to make custom stickers with a tear line.

  • Why don't you make stickers smaller than 1" in height?

    We are not able to confidently produce custom stickers that are smaller than 1" so we do not accept orders for them. Unfortunately, we created some confusion on this topic since our own logo sticke...

  • Why isn't white ink on clear stickers perfectly opaque?

    It's not possible to print a perfectly opaque white with our clear stickers because the technology we're using to print the clear stickers is in it's early stages. At the moment, white is the most ...

  • Why aren't your clear stickers perfectly clear?

    We use a matte finish on all of our stickers. This makes us somewhat different than other clear sticker manufacturers. The matte finish improves the visibility of the print at a distance since glos...

  • Are your stickers dishwasher safe?

    Yes, our custom stickers can be washed repeatedly in a dishwasher without fading. They can also be aggressively hand washed after being adhered to drinkware. Please note, this does not include t...

  • What size sticker should I order?

    You don't have to be exact when selecting a size. We'll determine your exact size based on your artwork and update your price during proofing. For example, when you order 3" x 3" custom stickers ...

  • Can you print on the background of a sticker sheet?

    Yes, you can print in full color on the background of a sticker sheet. Below are three examples of sticker sheets with color, a pattern, and text on the background.

  • How accurate is your cutting?

    Our cut accuracy is within a 1/32" tolerance. However, we recommend leaving a 1/8" border around your design.

  • Will your stickers block the light from the Apple logo on a Macbook?

    It depends on the type of sticker you purchase. Black transfer stickers will block the light but other types of laptop stickers do not. Below you can see how the Apple logo light affects different ...

  • Can clear stickers be die cut?

    Yes, clear stickers can be die cut to any shape (see examples below). If you want to order die cut clear stickers, place an order for clear and upload your artwork.

  • Are you able to print white ink on clear stickers?

    All of our clear stickers are printed with white ink behind your design to preserve opacity. It's also possible to print your design with white ink only. However, keep in mind that your stickers ma...

  • Can I order a die cut bumper sticker?

    Yes, to order die cut bumper stickers simply upload artwork that's designed to be die cut. Our bumper stickers come in any shape or size and feature a removable adhesive that's ideal for use on car...

  • Do your stickers adhere to cardboard?

    Yes, our custom stickers adhere to cardboard and will form a stronger adhesive bond over time.

  • Can I use your stickers on tumblers?

    Yes, all of our custom stickers and custom labels are waterproof, dishwasher safe and can be used on tumblers.

  • What are decals?

    Originally, the term decal described a transfer sticker intended for porcelain or glass and applied using transfer paper. The definition has evolved alongside new products. Although decal is ofte...

  • What is included in your sample pack?

    We offer sample packs that include a collection of stickers, magnets, a label, packaging tape, and a wall graphic for $1. Here is everything included in the pack: Die cut stickers Cir...

  • Will my stickers leave a residue behind when removed?

    Depending on how long they're applied, our custom stickers may leave a residue. Luckily, there are several ways to easily remove sticker residue. .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bot...

  • Can you make window stickers?

    Yes, we offer six types of stickers that can be used on windows. Our front adhesive stickers are sticky on the front of the design and are uniquely made to be placed on the inside of a window. ...

  • What material are your stickers made from?

    Our custom stickers are printed on a thick, premium white vinyl known technically as polyvinyl chloride, or PVC.

  • What's the recommended line thickness for stickers and labels?

    We recommend at least a 1pt line thickness to ensure quality and legibility. However, there are several factors such as artwork contrast and PPI that can affect the visibility of lines. You...

  • Do you offer back slit stickers?

    No, we do not offer back slit stickers. For easy(ier) to peel stickers, we recommend kiss cut stickers. Kiss cut stickers include a rectangular backing around the design itself that protects your...

  • What is a die cut sticker?

    A die cut sticker is a sticker that's cut into a unique custom shape to fit a logo or piece of artwork. For more information on what constitutes a die cut sticker, check out this video.

  • Do you print reflective stickers?

    Yes, we print holographic stickers with an eye-catching rainbow effect which changes with light and perspective. We don't yet offer custom stickers printed using metallic inks.

  • Can you make stickers with adhesive on the front?

    Yes, we offer front adhesive stickers. They are sticky on the front of the design so they can be placed on the inside of a window.

  • What's the largest sticker sheet you can make?

    The largest sticker sheet we can make is 36" x 24".

  • Will dry eraser markers work on your stickers?

    Yes, but we recommend using Board Dudes SRX Magnetic dry eraser markers. We tested 3 markers and the results varied. Board Dudes, Expo, and AmazonBasics dry eraser markers can be erased shortly aft...

  • What are the smallest stickers you can make?

    The smallest custom sticker we can produce is 1" x 1". We're not able to accept orders for designs that are smaller than 1" x 1" in size.

  • What are sticker sheets?

    A sticker sheet is a page with several peelable stickers. A page can have one sticker design, or multiple. Sticker sheets lie flat and store easily, and they’re great for grouping stickers together...

  • What is a bumper sticker?

    A bumper sticker is a sticker for your car. It can be rectangular, or cut to a custom shape. Each bumper sticker is printed on a thick vinyl with a protective laminate that’s designed to withstan...