Sheet labels

  • What are sheet labels?

    Sheet labels are printed on an 8.5” x 11” sturdy liner which helps them keep flat for easy storage. Possible sheet label shapes include circle, square, rectangle, oval, rounded corner, and die cut....

  • How do I setup a sheet label?

    We'll setup your sheet labels for you. Based on your artwork, we'll arrange the sheet as best as possible.

  • How many labels can I fit on a label sheet?

    The number of labels you can fit on a label sheet depends on the size of each label. No need to worry about label layout, we'll take care of formatting for you. Standard counts 1” - 18 labe...

  • What’s the largest label size I can fit on a sheet?

    Currently, the largest label we can print per sheet is 8” x 8”.

  • Do you offer custom sheet sizes for sheet labels?

    Currently, we only offer 8.5” x 11” sheets.

  • What kind of material are your sheet labels made from?

    Our custom sheet labels are made from a BOPP material and feature a luster UV finish that resists food, oil, water & refrigeration.

  • What kind of finish do sheet labels have?

    Our custom sheet labels have a luster UV finish. They feature a laminate that makes them waterproof and resistant to sunlight. They'll even hold up great in the dishwasher!

  • Are sheet labels laminated?

    Yes, our custom sheet labels feature a laminate that makes them waterproof and resistant to sunlight. They’ll hold up great even in a dishwasher.

  • What kind of adhesive do sheet labels have?

    Sheet labels feature a permanent adhesive that’s designed not to leave any glue or residue behind.

  • How thick are your sheet labels?

    Our custom sheet labels are 9.3 mils +/- 10% (0.0093 inches or 236~ microns) thick. Without the paper backing, the sheet labels are approximately 4.8 mils thick including adhesive. Label: 2.3...

  • Can you print on the background of sheet labels?

    Background printing is not available for custom sheet labels. As an alternative, check out our custom sticker sheets, which allow for full color background printing. Note there are differences b...

  • Can I write on your sheet labels?

    Yes, you can write on our custom sheet labels. We find that permanent markers and ballpoint pens work best. Depending on the type of ink used, you may need to give the ink chance to dry before usin...