Floor graphics

  • Will your floor graphics work on concrete flooring?

    Yes, our floor graphics can be used on concrete flooring as long as the area is smooth and has been thoroughly cleaned and dried prior to application.

  • Are floor graphics laminated?

    Yes, our floor graphics are laminated with a heavy-duty laminate that is designed to withstand heavy amounts of traffic.

  • Can I use floor graphics on a carpet?

    No, our floor graphics are not designed to be used on carpeting. They're designed to be used on commercial tile or flooring that's similarly smooth and clean.

  • Can you wash floor graphics?

    Yes, you can clean and scrub our floor graphics. They're scratch resistant and waterproof and can be washed with commercial cleaning supplies and equipment.  

  • How do I install my floor graphic?

    Each floor graphic features a back slit and comes with a squeegee and tape strips to help make installation easy. We include installation instructions with every order.

  • Are floor graphics easy to remove?

    Yes, floor graphics are easy to remove. However, removal is significantly easier if removed within 6 months of application. In some cases a putty knife may help lift the edge of your graphic. Once...

  • What surfaces are suitable for your floor graphics?

    Our floor graphics are designed to adhere to smooth surfaces that have been cleaned prior to application. They feature a textured laminate that protects your design from heavy foot traffic, drops, ...

  • What makes floor graphics different than wall graphics?

    Floor graphics are made from a special vinyl that's designed for use on floors and heavy traffic. They feature a matte finish and can be washed with commercial cleaning supplies. Wall graphics ar...

  • What's the largest floor graphic you can make?

    We can make floor graphics up to 96" width x 51" height.

  • Can floor graphics be die cut?

    Yes, floor graphics can be die cut to any shape. Pricing depends on size and is not affected by die cutting.

  • Are floor graphics waterproof?

    Yes, our floor graphics are made from an extra durable vinyl with a matte finish. They're waterproof and can be washed with commercial cleaning supplies.

  • Can floor graphics be used outdoors?

    While our floor graphics do feature a heavy-duty laminate, we cannot guarantee their longevity outdoors exposed to the elements.