Can you print QR code stickers?

Yes. We can print QR codes onto any custom sticker as long as the QR + artwork is at least 300 ppi or better. Just be sure to embed the code into your artwork.

In order to be easily scannable, you need a white border around your QR code and we recommend making the code at least 2" in size to ensure scannability.

There are some instances when we can print the QR code smaller than 2". For example, if the QR code is a very simple design, we can print smaller than the suggested 2", to our minimum size of 1".

Below are examples of QR code designs ranging from simple to complex. Version 2 we could print at 1", while version 6 and 10, we would recommend a size of 2" or larger to ensure scannability.

QR code

There are some design elements that will cause a QR code to be unscannable. The most common include:

Added graphic elements: When graphic elements or photos are added on top of the QR code, the scanner can't determine where the QR code information is located.

An example of a QR code that will not be scannable

Low contrast: If the color of the QR code elements and the background color are too similar, the scanner can't differentiate between the two.

An example of a QR code that is not scannable

Skewed or stretched: QR code scanners expect the code elements to be squares. The scanner cannot determine the code if it's been skewed or stretched.

an example of a QR code that is not scannable