How Grado Labs built their word-of-mouth marketing machine (and headphones people love)

Posted by David Kelly on Feb 23rd, 2017

When I first heard of Grado Labs, my immediate thought was: here’s another audio company. Probably not much different than the rest. Boy was I wrong. Grado Labs is totally different. Before Beats came along, Grado Labs was unleashing sweet, melodious tunes into their customers' ears with award-winning headphones. In fact, Grado Labs has now been around for 64 years. And while Grado’s compet... Read more

The perfect print-ready file checklist

Posted by Jeremy Wick on Feb 21st, 2017

If you’re a designer, chances are you spend a lot of time in the digital realm. And while you might be the best pixel pusher around, the rules change when it comes to print design. Here’s a checklist of everything you need to do to make sure your design is perfectly print-ready. Dimensions : At least 300 PPI If you’re working with vector artwork, you can go ahead and check this off. If you’re... Read more

How to create package inserts that work

Posted by Pam Neely on Feb 9th, 2017

So you’ve got your next order nearly all packed up. You’ve checked the packing list. You’ve made sure the order won’t get damaged on its way… and now you’re about to seal up the box. Wait! Where’s the package insert? Don’t forget it. You’ve got an opportunity here to earn more sales, nab a new customer or even clear some old inventory. All it takes is a simple slip of paper. Package insert... Read more

The making of our new homepage video

Posted by Jeremy Wick on Feb 7th, 2017

Our homepage is the first interaction most visitors and customers have with our brand. Our previous homepage video showed the ordering process, but lacked a story that focused on our customers. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how we created our new homepage video. Script Instead of making a basic “how-to” video, we wanted to make something that was more inspirational and persuasive. To ... Read more

Think inside the box: How to make your store’s shipping experience more memorable

Posted by Pam Neely on Jan 26th, 2017

Unboxing has become a core part of customers’ retail experience. There are tens of thousands of unboxing videos on YouTube. There’s probably another hundred thousand unboxing blog posts on niche websites. The moment of opening a shipping box is pure delight. It’s a bit of Christmas any day of the week. Unboxing is such a big deal that I wonder if it isn’t part of what’s driving the super-pop... Read more

Introducing custom size roll labels

Posted by Tyler Vawser on Jan 24th, 2017

We recently updated our custom labels to feature custom sizes. Previously, we offered 5 fixed sizes for each shape of label. Now customers can enter an exact size when ordering their roll labels. Custom sizes allow customers to get the exact size needed for product labeling, packaging, and other specific uses. We’ve found that small businesses and new ecommerce shops use roll labels when they ... Read more

5 Inexpensive ways to make your packages stand out

Posted by Pam Neely on Jan 18th, 2017

You just got a new order. A nice one. All that work – the marketing, the website, the product, the sourcing, the transaction processes – paid off. Everything worked! Now that order has to get packaged up and sent to the customer. It’s got to survive the journey and arrive at your customer’s door intact. When they open it, everything has to be perfect. The moment of unboxing is so critical... Read more

Omit needless words

Posted by Anthony Thomas on Jan 12th, 2017

Every needless word you omit is an investment in the foundation of your organization. Here’s why: People don't read People read 20% of the words on a web page. A concise message is more likely to be absorbed. Save time Extra words waste time for your customers and coworkers. Simplify translations Be concise in your native language to make translating content easier. Strengthen your b... Read more

Introducing poly mailers

Posted by Tyler Vawser on Jan 10th, 2017

Today, we're introducing custom poly mailers. Poly mailers are ideal for shipping apparel and other products. Made with 100% polyethylene material, they are lightweight, durable, and tear-resistant while also featuring a self-seal adhesive strip and an easy-open tear tab. Adding poly mailers to our product line allows us to more fully support our customers that run small businesses, online s... Read more

Customer service principles

Posted by Anthony Thomas on Jan 5th, 2017

At Sticker Mule, we are fortunate to have more than 100,000 customers use us for custom products. From the beginning, our aim has always been to be the Internet’s favorite printer. To that end, we respond quickly and effectively to our customers to help them be as successful as possible. Although we can’t plan for every scenario in customer service, we use principles to give our team a framew... Read more

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