How can I make my logo stand out on custom packaging?

Adding your logo to our custom poly mailers, custom bubble mailers, and custom packaging tape is an easy way to make your shipments more memorable.

Here are some tips to help your logo stand out:

  • Use your brand colors. A consistent color palette will help customers immediately recognize your brand.
  • Make it meaningful. Each aspect of your design should relate to your brand and products. Avoid adding random elements simply to fill space.
  • Find your font. Your typography should match your brand aesthetic, whether that’s professional, fun, funky, or luxurious.
  • Be mindful of positioning. Your logo should take center stage in your design. Your eye should be quickly drawn to your logo and not have to search for it.
  • Embrace negative space. Negative space is a powerful design tool. You do not need to fill every inch of your packaging with design elements.
  • Keep it clear. Your logo should be clear, distinct, and memorable. Customers should immediately be able to read your logo and recognize images without any confusion.

Need help designing a logo for your custom packaging? Check out our Studio tool for inspiration, and get started on creating your unique logo!