How do I design a custom transfer sticker?

When designing your custom transfer sticker, there are a few simple guidelines to ensure the best possible quality.

How do I prepare my file?

File preparation is completely optional. Feel free to upload your design as it is, and we’ll make any required modifications before sending you a proof. You can also download our transfer sticker template and open it in Adobe Illustrator.

What colors can you print?

Your design will be precisely cut from vinyl material, so it should be all black or all white. Vector artwork is preferred.

Transfer sticker examples

What size should my design be?

Before making adjustments, make sure your design is scaled to the correct size.

The solid parts of your design represent parts of the sticker. To ensure all parts will be preserved, be sure that you can fit a 0.08” circle within the object.

Be sure that you can fit a 0.08” circle within the solid parts of your design

The ‘white space’ in your design is what will be discarded. For any area that is white space, you should be able to fit a 0.09” circle within that space.

Be sure that you can fit a 0.09” circle within the white space of your design

Can you make my photo into a transfer sticker?

If your design contains a photo, it will have to be vectorized and simplified according to the above requirements.

Vectorize and simplify any photos

To convert your photo into a vector design, open your image in Illustrator and select the image. Select Object > Image Trace > Make and Expand.

Once you’re happy with your design save it in AI or PSD format and upload. If needed, we may modify your design slightly and specify what was changed during the proofing process.

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