How do I earn money selling stickers?

We are re-evaluating the marketplace's future viability and, consequently, not accepting new sellers and do not allow new designs to be added, even from previous orders.

Sellers that have existing designs in the marketplace can set a markup % for any item in the marketplace. The price of the sticker is based on our cost for fulfilling the order plus your markup. As customers purchase your stickers, your earnings are determined by your markup. For example, if the base price of a sticker is $4.00 and you set a 100% markup then the sale price would be $8.00. Consequently, you would earn $4.00 when you sell 1 unit. When your earnings exceed $50.00 you can request that we pay them out to you via PayPal.

Since the cost of a sticker varies based on the quantity purchased, the markup per sticker varies based on the quantity purchased. For example: 1 unit might have a base cost of $4.00 and 10 might cost $20.00 (or $2.00 each). If you set a markup of 100% then 1 unit would sell for $8.00 and 20 would sell for $40.00 and your earnings would be $4.00 and $20.00 respectively.

To specify your markup, edit your stickers in the marketplace and enter your desired markup %. This will raise the total cost of your stickers and you will earn your specified markup on future sales. You can edit your markup at any time. Once your stickers are added to the marketplace you can monitor traffic, sales and conversion rate via your marketplace dashboard.

Below is a tutorial on how to set your markup:

How to set your markup